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Inequality among the sexes is a reality, but we can be the steering wheel to shift all the misconceptions and historical differences by teaching our sons the value of a woman as well as their value as men. We as women need to support and love the men in our lives for a more equal and happy tomorrow.

I have noticed way too many times how we (women) get caught up in all the unfairness and injustices at home and in the work place. Yes, it is true that most men get better opportunities and get paid more than the opposite sex. So, what do we do to change that? I strongly believe it starts at home.

Growing up in El Salvador, I noticed my aunts and other moms in the family instilling differences in rank from a very early age. Girls had to help cook, clean, saw, etc. But boys were discouraged to do all those, even if they wanted to assist. My friends from Mexico and other countries have expressed the same observations. What you are taught and how you are placed as a child and young adult, will most likely follow you through adulthood and into your professional and personal life. There are exceptions, of course.

As a mother to a three-year-old boy, I take my role very seriously. If he wants to help with the dishes, I let him; if he wants to see what I am cooking and wants to participate, I let him; if he wants to play with my jewelry, I let him.

This is a call to action. I urge you to be the change in the men in your lives and show them that both men and women can equally achieve big things.


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