When opportunity knocks

By August 14, 2017 February 27th, 2019 Blog


I am one who does not believe in luck but I do like this phase that I heard recently in New York from a keynote speaker at a conference for professionals in university advancement. He said, “Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I love this statement and I share it with our students often. Luck is an illusion. You must prepare for the life you want to have. This takes time, effort, and dedication. It also takes a lot of faith.

Even before hearing this, I already practiced being a strong believer in working hard to receive the ultimate reward. Nothing comes easy, but with preparation things become attainable.

For me, my faith in God has been instrumental on how I carry myself through life. It sort off keeps me grounded and on point. I feel that I am rewarded constantly for not only being good, but doing good for others and representing my Creator to the best of my abilities.

Just recently, out of the blue, an opportunity just landed on my lap. I did not ask for it. I did not look for it. I did not even know it existed. This is a great example of preparation meeting opportunity. It is incredible how God works in our lives. When you least expect it, you receive bold outpours of blessings and you wonder, how is it that this came to be? But God is bold and spontaneous – thus are His actions towards His children.

It is no secret that my faith is in the Lord God Almighty. Every day I wake up energized and filled with drive to be the best that I can be. I want to continue doing more and I am so thankful to have God’s anointing power poured on me and my family.

[In photo, I am in Old Town Salinas, CA (USA) on my way to a meeting where opportunity is knocking…really loudly! More to come.]

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