Be a Miracle to Others

By August 24, 2017 February 27th, 2019 Blog
  1. Last Saturday, I was honored to be the keynote speaker for Girls Inc. in San Ardo, CA. The message was to be directed at local leaders who have the power to transform lives. Thus, my talk addressed the importance of continuing to support boys and girls as mentors and as philanthropists. In my life, I have had many mentors and supporters. Just like I had support, it is my honor to now be instrumental in the lives of others. I love to give and share of myself wherever I see an opportunity.
    Growing up, I noticed how my dad would go out of his way to help others. He not only provided job opportunities to people in our community, but anything that was asked of him, he would do gladly. My mom is the same way. She will use her talents in cooking, arts & crafts, and sawing to make an event and/or celebration a special one for all. In addition, they tithe! They do not have a lot of money, but they are really serious and loyal to giving at least 10% of their earnings back to God.
    As a mother to a 3-year old, I am instilling in him the importance of giving and love for others. I encourage you to look at your life and seek opportunities to be a champion of change to one person, or an entire community.

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