Setting up goals – A new year refreshes the soul!

By January 1, 2019 February 27th, 2019 Blog

Starting a new year is really exciting! What will the future hold? What new things will I experience? Will I get a promotion? A new job? Will I travel?

There is so much to look up to.

But on the other hand, the end of the year means the start of another – and what do we all do? Set goals, expectations, resolutions for that coming year. It can be stressful!

Some are great at keeping their new year resolutions. That is awesome! But for most, it is so difficult to stay on track, and our goals end up being a distant memory within weeks in the new year.

So I have an encouraging message for you. If you decide on 1-2 goals for the new year, you can triumph!

We are capable human beings and we can do anything, so long as we focus and stay determined – one day at a time.

Here is something I tried in 2018 that actually worked. Let me tell you, I sometimes go way over my head with dreams and goals; in the end, I try to do so much, and finish nothing. This time, I did it differently. Here is an example in hopes to encourage you.

I love shopping. I love fashion. I enjoy dressing up each day. For me, it comes easy to put an outfit together daily. So for 2018, my goal was to not go shopping for clothing/apparel for the entire year. You heard it right, and yes, it was a crazy goal! Crazy because my career and responsibilities require me to portray a certain image. An image I am more than happy to comply to. I am in marketing and public relations, thus attending luncheons, galas, presentations, and all types of events comes with the territory. I have to dress up for these occasions, plus for family celebrations – and God forbid I repeat! LOL

Granted, I do have a lot of clothes. I stay fit and eat healthy, thus clothes from 20 years ago still fit, so that helped.

What else did I do during this year of uncertainty? I told as many people as possible about my goal so they would keep me accountable. It was great to feel the support and encouragement from them. Some, did not believe I would make it. Well, I did not think I would make it!

The most amazing things happened. I received gifts during the year (dresses) and close friends let me borrow dresses for galas. Gifts and loaners were allowed.

At the end of the year, I was so proud to have reached this goal. The craziest thing is that on January 1, 2019, I was not in a hurry to hit the mall or outlets!

You too can do this or something similar. Goals are achievable if you have 1-2 to focus on. Get the support from those close to you, and go for it!

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