Power within – my first book!

By January 21, 2019 February 27th, 2019 Blog

For 2018, I had a second goal: to finish my first book.

This is an idea that began back in fall 2016. at that point, I knew I wanted to have my book published; the thought was super exciting, but internally, I had so many doubts.

I was not sure this book would ever come to fruition.

Friends, especially Marci Bracco, encouraged me to continue writing. I did, but writer’s block would occur often. In addition, working a full time job, plus taking care of husband and son, and being an active volunteer in my community made the process a bit more challenging.

Some writers can sit down for long periods of time and focus on one thing: writing.

Having all the other beautiful distractions surrounding me and my thoughts added a lot of difficulty when trying to compose a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter.

Last year, I set two goals for myself: to not shop for clothes and to finish my first book.

In 2018, I proved myself capable of achieving my goals. I found that strength, restraint, commitment, and focus were all within me.

We are humans with lots of gifts. It is amazing how much talent is within each of us. If we put doubt and fear aside, there are no limits to what we can do.

The year ended with both goals completed. My book was edited and sent to the graphic designer in fall. It feels great to put a check on a goal!

I encourage you to believe in yourself and in abilities God has given you. Test them, thrive and be amazed!

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