Beautiful - 7 Steps to the Best Version of You

Beautiful – 7 Steps to the Best Version of You is a work of passion that author Esmeralda Montenegro Owen hopes will be a simple, serious, and humorous resource for readers who need a push of motivation.

This is also a book to inspire individuals to live a life of integrity. In it, Owen opens up about multiple experiences in her life that have challenged her in big ways. She explains how road blocks are there to teach us lessons, which in turn will make us stronger.

If you stay true to yourself and others, the path can turn into a smooth road towards personal and professional success.

Many people face obstacles daily and don’t know how to handle these effectively. For them, the easiest way to handle these is usually to give up, this, in turn, makes things a lot more difficult to deal with in the future. But with an effective guide towards your true sense of self, you can be what God created you to be.

The seven chapters are designed to allow readers to look within themselves for situations or circumstances that are blocking the opportunities that should be yours.In order to unlock the potential, the opportunities, and the blessings, one should be confident, have self-esteem, be thankful, be a giving individual, be honest, and live in overall integrity.

Each chapter includes personal quotes, an affirmation, takeaways, questions to self-reflect, and an area for sketching.

Owen is thankful to have this book be her first of four planned in the ‘Beautiful’ series. Her goal is to increase love for self and the potential within each reader who comes across her work.